For/In the Media

If you are interested in reporting on or reviewing our book, Red Lines, thank you! At the bottom of this page, you’ll find contacts, information, and resources that may help you. If you cannot find what you need, please email Zoe at MIT Press, or contact Cherian and Sonny directly.



Need the book?

If you need a review copy please write to Zoe.

Need more background information?

  • Who we are. Please see the authors’ brief bios on this site; or the personal websites for Cherian and Sonny; and a 5-minute video on our creative collaboration.
  • Basic information about the book. If you need the official facts and figures, like the book’s price, visit the publisher’s page.
  • Why this book? For a sense of the thinking behind the book, read this early interview with Cherian.
  • What we’ve said. You can to draw quotes (with attribution/links, of course) from these articles: Interview with The Diplomat; interview with Center for Media at Risk.

Need images to go with your article?

We’ve compiled a large selection of images for media to use. The Google folder includes images of the authors, clippings to give your readers a peak at what’s between the covers of Red Lines, and photographs of several of the cartoonists featured in the book. Unlike most equivalent services, we’re not demanding that you register or seek prior permission. We trust you will read the copyright conditions carefully and abide by them. In case you miss it, please note that caption and copyright information is in the file titled “image descriptions” in the same folder and linked here.